E_HANAAW_17 Certification


E_HANAAW_17 Certification

Unlocking the Power of ABAP for SAP HANA: A Guide to the E_HANAAW_17 Certification

SAP HANA is revolutionizing data management and analytics, and with it comes a rising demand for skilled ABAP developers who can optimize their code for this in-memory database platform. The E_HANAAW_17 certification (“SAP Certified Development Specialist—ABAP for SAP HANA 2.0”) is your ticket to demonstrating your expertise in this sought-after area.

What is the E_HANAAW_17 Certification?

  • The Target Audience consists of ABAP developers with a strong foundation in traditional ABAP programming who want to specialize in SAP HANA development.
  • Prerequisites: While not strictly mandatory, SAP recommends relevant ABAP for HANA training and some hands-on experience with SAP HANA projects.
  • Purpose: To validate your core knowledge and skills in developing ABAP applications tailored for the SAP HANA environment.
  • Exam Structure: 80 questions, 180-minute duration, multiple-choice/multiple-answer format.

Why Should You Get E_HANAAW_17 Certified?

  • Career Boost: The certification adds significant weight to your resume, showcasing your specialized HANA-oriented ABAP skills to potential employers and clients.
  • Expanded Opportunities: Certified experts have a clear advantage in the growing market for SAP HANA development projects.
  • Skill Validation: The certification process helps you systematically reinforce your knowledge and identifies areas for improvement.
  • Greater Confidence: The certification is a testament to your abilities, giving you greater confidence when tackling SAP HANA-related projects.

Exam Topic Areas

The E_HANAAW_17 exam covers several key areas:

  • Core Data Services (CDS)
  • ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP)
  • SAP HANA Development Tools
  • Code Conversion and Optimization
  • Performance Considerations
  • SAP HANA-Specific SQL

Preparation Strategy

  1. SAP Training Courses: Enroll in official SAP courses designed to cover the exam topics. These provide a structured learning path.
  2. Practical Experience: There’s no substitute for hands-on coding. Participate in SAP HANA projects or create practice scenarios to apply your knowledge.
  3. Exam Study Guides: Utilize resources like SAP’s official certification study guides and online practice questions to gauge your understanding of the exam format.
  4. Community and Forums: Engage with fellow SAP developers preparing for the certification. Exchange tips and ask for guidance on preparation.

Tips for the Exam Day

  • Time Management: Allocate time wisely for each question, ensuring you attempt the entire exam.
  • Careful Reading: Read questions thoroughly before selecting answers.
  • Elimination Strategy: If you need more clarification, eliminate the wrong options to increase your chances.
  • Stay Relaxed: Manage your stress and trust your preparation.

Beyond the Certification

Passing the E_HANAAW_17 is a significant step but not the end of the journey. Stay updated with the latest SAP HANA technologies and advancements in ABAP to remain a valuable asset in this rapidly evolving field.

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