Enable Now Successfactors


Enable Now Successfactors

SAP Enable Now: Your Key to SuccessFactors Adoption and Beyond

SAP Enable Now is a formidable tool to enhance user experience, boost productivity, and streamline training within the SuccessFactors environment. This powerful digital adoption platform (DAP) goes far beyond typical training materials, offering a comprehensive solution for user support and guidance.

What is SAP Enable Now?

In essence, SAP Enable Now serves as a dynamic in-application knowledge base and training platform. Key features include:

  • In-App Guidance: Users gain context-sensitive help directly within the SuccessFactors interface. This means walkthroughs, tooltips, and simulations are available when needed.
  • Robust Content Creation: Subject matter experts can craft versatile training materials ranging from simulations and interactive guides to traditional documents and videos.
  • Embedded Learning: Effortlessly incorporate formal training, performance support, and user assistance into SuccessFactors’ everyday user experience.
  • Analytics: Monitor usage patterns and gather feedback to refine your support content and continually improve user enablement initiatives.

Why You Need SAP, Enable Now for SuccessFactors

  1. Enhanced User Adoption:  Simplify the navigation and use of SuccessFactors modules, minimizing frustration and ensuring employees can quickly become proficient with the software.
  2. Reduced Training Costs:  The intuitive, in-app guidance empowers users to learn while performing tasks directly within the system, lessening the need for time-consuming and expensive formal training sessions.
  3. Increased Productivity: Minimize time wasted due to confusion or delays in seeking help. Users have all the information they need at their fingertips, allowing them to focus on their core work.
  4. Change Management Support:  Smooth transitions during SuccessFactors upgrades or new implementations. SAP Enable Now’s guided simulations and walkthroughs make adapting to changes far less daunting.
  5. Continuous Learning and Support:  Provide users with ongoing training and support long after the initial rollout, promoting skill development and maximizing the usage of SuccessFactors within your organization.

Key Use Cases

  • New Hire Onboarding: Streamline the new employee experience with comprehensive guidance and support resources integrated into SuccessFactors processes.
  • New Feature Rollouts: Introduce new features or updates with minimal disruption. Enable Now helps users quickly understand the changes and their impact.
  • Process Training and Support: Create detailed guides for complex or infrequent processes, guaranteeing users always have step-by-step assistance.
  • Change Management: Make changes to SuccessFactors configurations, processes, and policies smoothly with tailored training and guidance.

Getting Started

The good news is that SAP Enable Now integrates seamlessly into your SuccessFactors environment. If you’re keen to explore this tool, here’s what to do:

  1. Assess Your Needs: Identify where users need the most support or where training gaps exist.
  2. Consult with SAP: Discuss licensing and implementation options with your SAP representative.
  3. Plan Your Content Strategy: Decide what support materials are most beneficial (simulations, guides, documents, etc.)
  4. Implement and Roll Out: Begin authoring content, integrating it into your SuccessFactors suite, and launching training support to your user base.
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