ERP Integration Callback Implementation In Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)


ERP Integration Callback Implementation In Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)

In Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), integrating with an ERP system often involves using a REST/SOAP API to communicate with the ERP system and implementing callbacks to handle responses or status updates from the ERP system. Callbacks are important in asynchronous integrations where the ERP system may not respond immediately, and you need to be notified when the response or status is available.

To implement ERP integration with callbacks in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), you typically follow these steps:

  1. Set up the ERP connection: Configure the connection to your ERP system in OIC using the appropriate adapter, such as the REST or SOAP adapter.

  2. Define the outbound integration: Create an integration in OIC that sends data from your application to the ERP system. This is the initial request.

  3. Implement the callback endpoint: In your application, set up a callback endpoint (URL) that will receive the response or status update from the ERP system. This endpoint should be publicly accessible so that the ERP system can send the callback to it.

  4. Configure the callback in OIC: In the integration that sends data to the ERP system, configure the callback endpoint to be used for receiving responses or status updates. You can define this endpoint as part of the request message to the ERP system.

  5. Handle the callback in your application: When the ERP system responds to the initial request, it will send the response or status update to the callback endpoint in your application. You need to implement the logic to handle this callback and process the response or update accordingly.

  6. Error handling and retries: Implement appropriate error handling and retries in case the callback fails or times out. This ensures the reliability of your integration.

  7. Logging and monitoring: Set up logging and monitoring in OIC and your application to track the status of integrations and to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the process.

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