Error Handling In Oracle Integration Cloud


Error Handling In Oracle Integration Cloud

Error handling is a critical aspect of any integration platform, including Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC). Proper error handling ensures that integration processes can gracefully handle exceptions and failures, enabling the system to recover from errors and continue processing data effectively. In OIC, there are several mechanisms to manage errors:

  1. Fault Policies: OIC provides fault policies that allow you to define how the system should handle faults or errors that occur during integration execution. Fault policies can be configured at various levels, such as the integration level, invoke level, or stage level. You can use fault policies to retry, log, or take specific actions based on the type of error encountered.

  2. Error Hospital: The OIC Error Hospital is a centralized place where you can monitor and manage errors that occur during integration execution. It provides a dashboard with detailed error information, including error messages, timestamps, and stack traces. From the Error Hospital, you can view, analyze, and take actions on the errors, such as resubmitting the failed messages or cancelling/resolving errors.

  3. Retry Mechanism: OIC allows you to configure retry logic for integrations that encounter transient errors. You can specify the number of retry attempts and the time delay between each retry. This mechanism helps in scenarios where the failure is temporary, and the integration may succeed upon retrying.

  4. Throttling and Rate Limiting: You can use throttling and rate limiting mechanisms to control the number of requests processed by the integration. These mechanisms prevent overload and protect backend systems from being overwhelmed with requests.

  5. Error Handling within Integrations: Within the integration flow, you can use Try-Catch blocks to handle errors explicitly. By placing critical operations within a Try block, you can catch exceptions and implement custom error handling logic within the Catch block.

  6. Alerts and Notifications: OIC can be configured to send alerts and notifications when errors occur. This feature allows you to proactively monitor the integration health and respond quickly to critical errors.

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