FTP Adapter Oracle Integration Cloud


FTP Adapter Oracle Integration Cloud

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) does not have a built-in FTP adapter. However, please note that Oracle regularly updates and enhances its cloud services, so it is possible that new features or adapters have been added since then.

In the past, to integrate with FTP servers in Oracle Integration Cloud, users often used the REST adapter or other custom integration methods. Here’s a general outline of how you might achieve FTP integration using the REST adapter:

  1. Set up the FTP server: Ensure you have an FTP server with the necessary credentials and access permissions.

  2. Expose FTP functionality as a RESTful API: Create a custom web service that interacts with the FTP server. This service should expose the necessary FTP operations (e.g., uploading files, downloading files, listing directory contents) through RESTful APIs.

  3. Create a connection in OIC: Set up a connection in Oracle Integration Cloud using the REST adapter. You’ll need to provide the base URL of the custom web service that you created in the previous step.

  4. Design and configure the integration: Create an integration in OIC that uses the REST adapter as a trigger or invoke action. This integration can include various steps like transforming data, filtering files, etc., depending on your specific use case.

  5. Activate and test the integration: Once you’ve designed the integration, activate it, and test it with sample data to ensure that the FTP integration is working as expected.

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