G Cloud Switch Account


G Cloud Switch Account

Switching between accounts in Google Cloud can be done using the gcloud command-line interface. Here are the steps to switch accounts:

  1. List Credentialed Accounts: First, you can list all the accounts that you have added to your gcloud configuration. To do this, use the command:

    gcloud auth list

    This command will display all the accounts, with the currently active account marked as ACTIVE.

  2. Set the Active Account: To switch to a different account, use the command:

    gcloud config set account `ACCOUNT`

    Replace ACCOUNT with the email address of the account you want to switch to. For example:

    gcloud config set account example@gmail.com
  3. Switching Between Configuration Sets: If you have multiple configuration sets, each with its own account and project settings, you can switch between them. For instance, to activate a configuration set named account1, use:

    gcloud config configurations activate account1
  4. Using Compute Engine Service Account: To switch to a Compute Engine service account, the syntax is slightly different:

    gcloud config set account <SOMEID>-compute@developer.gserviceaccount.com
  5. Using a Gmail-based Account: If you’re switching to a Gmail-based account, the command is straightforward:

    gcloud config set account name@gmail.com

These commands allow you to manage multiple Google Cloud accounts easily from the command line. Remember to replace the placeholders with your actual account details or configuration names​​​​​​.

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