Gender Configuration In SAP HR


Gender Configuration In SAP HR

Expanding Horizons: Configuring Gender Options in SAP HR

The landscape of gender identity is evolving, and SAP HR strives to reflect that. Traditionally, SAP HR offered a binary selection for gender in employee records. But what if your organization wants to be more inclusive? This blog post will explore how to configure gender options in SAP HR to accommodate a diverse workforce better.

Understanding the Current Configuration

By default, SAP HR uses info type 0002 (Personal Data) to store employee information, including gender. This info type typically offers two options: Male (usually denoted by “1”) and Female (“2”).

Expanding Your Options

There are a few ways to create a more inclusive gender configuration:

  • Customizing Form Fields:  While SAP doesn’t allow modifying standard info type screens, you can create custom reports or screens that display gender with additional options. This might involve making a dropdown menu with options like “Male,” “Female,” “Non-binary,” “Prefer not to say,” etc.
  • Leveraging User-defined Fields: SAP HR allows custom fields (user-defined fields) to be added to infotypes. While this field wouldn’t be part of the standard reporting structure, it could be used to capture more nuanced gender identities.
  • Considering Country-Specific Needs:  SAP provides tables like V_T77PAD_GENDER to support specific gender options mandated by certain countries.

Important Considerations

  • System Integration:  Adding custom fields may require updates to reports and integrations with other systems. Careful planning is necessary to ensure smooth operation.
  • Data Privacy:  Adding new gender options requires considering data privacy regulations. Ensure your chosen method adheres to your organization’s data security policies.
  • Inclusivity Training:  Adding new options is just the first step. Train HR personnel and managers to understand and utilize the expanded gender configuration.


By configuring gender options in SAP HR, you can create a more inclusive work environment for your employees. When making these changes, remember to carefully consider your organization’s needs, technical capabilities, and data privacy regulations.

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