Hadoop copy from HDFS to local


            Hadoop copy from HDFS to local


Copying files from Hadoop HDFS to a local file system can be done using the hadoop fs -copyToLocal or hadoop fs -get command. Here’s a general outline of how you can perform this action:

  1. Open a command-line interface on the machine with access to your Hadoop cluster.
  2. Run the following command to copy the file from HDFS to the local file system:
  3. bashCopy code
  4. hadoop fs -copyToLocal /path/in/hdfs /path/in/local
  5. or
  6. bashCopy code
  7. hadoop fs -get /path/in/hdfs /path/in/local

Replace /path/in/hdfs with the path to the file or directory in HDFS that you want to copy and /course/in/local with the way you want to copy the file or directory on your local machine.

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