Hadoop V2


                              Hadoop V2


Hadoop v2, also known as Hadoop 2. x, represents the second major iteration of the Apache Hadoop framework. It significantly improves the earlier version, particularly scalability, performance, and functionality.

Some key features of Hadoop v2 include:

  1. YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator): YARN introduces a new way to manage resources and schedule tasks across the cluster. This enables more flexible resource utilization and allows running other distributed computing models in addition to MapReduce.
  2. HDFS Federation: This feature enables scaling by allowing multiple namespaces in the HDFS. It means that different namespaces can be hosted over the same cluster, which provides better isolation and scalability.
  3. High Availability for HDFS: With Hadoop v2, High Availability (HA) for the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) has been introduced. It helps minimize downtime through features such as automatic failover.
  4. Support for Windows: Hadoop v2 also supported running Hadoop on Windows, widening its usability across different platforms.
  5. Improved MapReduce Performance: The new MapReduce implementation in Hadoop v2 offers a more flexible and efficient approach to processing large data sets, often resulting in better performance.
  6. Snapshot Support: Hadoop 2. x includes support for HDFS snapshots, which are read-only or read-write point-in-time copies of the file system. Images can be used for data backup and other purposes.
  7. Improved Security: Hadoop v2 has implemented various security enhancements, including encryption and authentication improvements.

Overall, Hadoop v2 represents a significant leap forward for the Hadoop ecosystem, enhancing its capabilities to handle big data processing and analytics tasks.

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