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In Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), the hdfs dfs -get command is used to copy files or directories from HDFS to the local file system of your machine. This command allows you to retrieve data stored in HDFS and save it to a local directory for further use or analysis. Here’s how you can use the hdfs dfs -get command:

hdfs dfs -get <source> <destination>
  • <source>: This is the HDFS path of the file or directory you want to copy.
  • <destination>: This is the local path where you want to save the file or directory from HDFS.

Here’s an example of how you can use the hdfs dfs -get command to copy a file from HDFS to the local file system:

hdfs dfs -get /user/hadoop/input/myfile.txt /home/user/local/

In this example, /user/hadoop/input/myfile.txt is the source file in HDFS, and /home/user/local/ is the destination directory in the local file system where the file will be copied.

You can also use the -get command to copy entire directories from HDFS to the local file system. For example:

hdfs dfs -get /user/hadoop/data/ /home/user/local/

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