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Home Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The “Home” page in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) refers to the primary dashboard or landing page that you see when you log in to your OCI Console. This page provides an overview of your cloud resources, notifications, and important information about your OCI tenancy. Here’s what you might find on the Home page in OCI:

  1. Resource Overview: The Home page typically displays key information about your OCI resources, including the number of compute instances, storage volumes, databases, and other resources currently provisioned in your tenancy.
  2. Notifications: OCI may display notifications or alerts regarding important updates, incidents, or actions that require your attention. These notifications can include security alerts, maintenance notifications, or other relevant messages.
  3. Quick Actions: You might find shortcuts or quick action buttons that allow you to perform common tasks directly from the Home page. For example, you could have buttons to create new instances, launch databases, or set up networking components.
  4. Recent Activity: The Home page may display recent activities related to your OCI resources, such as resource creations, deletions, or modifications. This provides a quick overview of recent changes in your environment.
  5. Service Status: Some versions of the Home page include information about the status of OCI services, including any ongoing incidents or service disruptions.
  6. Billing Information: Depending on your user permissions and tenancy settings, you may see billing-related information, such as current usage, billing statements, or links to billing and cost analysis tools.
  7. Customization: Some OCI users have the ability to customize their Home page to include specific widgets or cards that display information relevant to their role and responsibilities within the organization.
 You can find more information about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure application in this Oracle Docs Link



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