How To Check Fire Fighter Logs In SAP GRC


How To Check Fire Fighter Logs In SAP GRC

  • Understanding and Auditing Firefighter Logs in SAP GRC

    SAP GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) is crucial for managing access controls and mitigating risks within SAP environments. One of its essential features is the Firefighter functionality, which allows privileged users to access sensitive transactions in emergencies temporarily. Since this elevated access can pose potential security concerns, it’s vital to monitor and audit Firefighter logs regularly.

    What are Firefighter Logs?

    Firefighter logs provide a comprehensive audit trail of Superuser or Firefighter activities in your SAP systems. These logs record critical details, including:

    • Firefighter ID: The specific ID used for emergency access.
    • Actions Performed: The transactions, reports, or system changes executed under the Firefighter ID.
    • Timestamps: The exact date and time of each log entry.
    • Reason for Use: The justification provided for initiating a Firefighter session.

    Why is Reviewing Firefighter Logs Important?

    1. Detecting Unauthorized Access: Firefighter logs help identify potential misuse or abuse of privileged access, aiding in preventing fraud or compliance violations.
    2. Maintaining Accountability: The logs ensure that Firefighter actions are recorded and traceable, promoting responsibility within privileged users.
    3. Meeting Compliance Requirements: Many regulations, such as SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley), require organizations to audit and review privileged user activity regularly. Firefighter logs serve as crucial evidence to demonstrate compliance.

    Methods for Checking Firefighter Logs

    SAP GRC offers several ways to access and analyze Firefighter logs:

    1. Direct Table Review:
      • Access the relevant tables in SAP GRC using transactions SE16 or SE16N.
        • Key tables include GRACFFLOG, which contains individual Firefighter usage logs.
        • GRACFFREPMAPP: Maps log entries to specific actions.
        • GRFNMWRTINST: Holds data on Firefighter workflow instances.
        • GRFNMWRTAPPR: Stores information on approvers and sessions.
    2. GRC Reports:
      • Run standard or customized reports in the GRC system focusing specifically on Firefighter log data.
      • Configure reports to show Firefighter usage patterns, approval history, unused Firefighter IDs, and more.
    3. Workflow Notifications:
      •  Set up automated workflow notifications and email alerts for timely awareness whenever a Firefighter session is initiated.

    Best Practices for Reviewing Firefighter Logs

    • Establish a Regular Review Process: Incorporate Firefighter log reviews into your standard IT security and audit routines. Depending on your risk tolerance, the frequency could be weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
    • Focus on Key Indicators: Pay attention to unusual activity patterns, unauthorized Firefighter ID usage, changes to critical configurations, and inconsistencies in provided reasons for use.
    • Utilize GRC Reporting: Leverage the reporting functionality in GRC to generate tailored reports and track trends in Firefighter usage over time.
    • Document Findings: Maintain clear documentation of your review findings, including identified anomalies, gaps, and corrective actions taken.

    Additional Considerations:

    • Integration with SIEM Solutions: Consider integrating your Firefighter logs with a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution for enhanced log aggregation, correlation, and threat detection.
    • Change Control Integration: Firefighter activities may sometimes relate to authorized system changes. Integrate your Firefighter log review process with change control procedures to ensure comprehensive oversight.


    By effectively monitoring and analyzing Firefighter logs, you proactively safeguard your SAP systems, ensuring the integrity of access controls and compliance with critical security regulations.

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