How To Check GRC Version In SAP


How To Check GRC Version In SAP

How To Check Your SAP GRC Version

SAP GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) is a robust set of tools designed to help organizations manage risks, ensure compliance with regulations, and streamline internal processes. If you work with SAP GRC, it’s sometimes essential to know the exact version and Support Package (SP) level you’re running for troubleshooting, compatibility, or upgrade planning purposes.

Here are the simple methods to determine your SAP GRC version:

1. Through the SAP GUI

  • Log in to your SAP GRC system.
  • Navigate to the main screen. You’ll typically find a link titled “About” or “System Information” in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Click on the “About” link. A pop-up or new screen will display detailed system information, including:
    • GRC Version (e.g., GRC 10.0, GRC 10.1)
    • Support Package (SP) Level
    • Build Number

2. Using Transaction SAINT

  • Log in to your SAP system.
  • Open the SAINT transaction. Use the transaction code “SAINT” in the command bar.
  • Select “Installation Package” and then click “Loaded Packages.”
  • Search for GRC-related components. The naming convention usually starts with “GRC” or something similar (depending on your GRC components, such as Access Control, Process Control, etc.).
  • Look for the version number listed next to the relevant GRC component.


You might see something like:

  • GRCFND_A 10.1 SP10 (Here, GRC Foundation (GRCFND_A) is version 10.1 with Support Package 10)

Key Points

  • SAP GRC comprises several components, such as Access Control, Process Control, and Risk Management. If these individual components are installed, you might need to check their versions.
  • Knowing your GRC version and SP level is crucial for compatibility with other SAP systems, identifying potential bugs addressed in newer versions, and planning upgrades.

Additional Tips

  • If you need help finding the relevant information within the SAP GUI, consult your SAP Basis administrator or the SAP support portal. They can assist you in finding the details of the GRC version.

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