How to Create Master Recipe in SAP PP


How to Create Master Recipe in SAP PP

Mastering Your Production: A Guide to Creating Master Recipes in SAP PP

The SAP PP (Production Planning) module is a powerful tool for managing manufacturing processes. A key component within PP is the master recipe, which defines the exact steps and materials needed to produce a finished good. This blog will guide you through creating a master recipe in SAP PP, ensuring your production runs smoothly and efficiently.

Before We Begin

There are a few prerequisites to ensure a smooth master recipe creation process:

  • Bill of Materials (BOM): This document outlines the components needed to produce your finished product.
  • Change Master Record (Optional): If you want to track changes made to the recipe over time.
  • Material Revision Level (Optional): If your finished product has different versions.

Let’s Get Cooking!

  1. Access the Master Recipe Creation Tool: There are two ways to access this function:
    • SAP Easy Access Menu: Navigate to Logistics > Production > Process Master Data > Master Recipes > Recipe and Material List > Create.
    • Transaction Code: Alternatively, use the shortcut C201.
  1. Fill in the Essentials: The system will require some mandatory information:
    • Material: Enter the finished product you’ll be creating.
    • Plant: Specify the production plant where this recipe will be used.
  1. Building Your Recipe: Now comes the fun part – defining the production process:
    • Operations: Break down the production process into individual steps (operations). You can define tasks, timings, and resources needed for each operation.
    • Phases: You can further subdivide operations into phases for even more granular control. Phases allow you to assign specific control key profiles and inspection characteristics.

Pro Tip: Explore the additional functionalities available within C201, such as assigning inspection characteristics and linking the recipe to a production version.

Remember: Once you’ve created your master recipe, it’s crucial to maintain it for accuracy and efficiency. Review and update your recipes regularly as needed to reflect any changes in production processes or materials.

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