How to Create Oracle Integration Cloud Instance


How to Create Oracle Integration Cloud Instance

Creating an Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) instance involves several steps and requires the appropriate permissions and access to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Here’s a general guide to help you set up an Oracle Integration Cloud instance:

  1. Log in to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console: Sign in using your Oracle Cloud account credentials.

  2. Navigate to the Oracle Integration Cloud Service: From the main dashboard, locate the ‘Oracle Integration’ option under the “Developer Services” section.

  3. Choose Your Configuration: You’ll have to select the type of integration instance you need. This could include standard, enterprise, or custom configurations.

  4. Fill in Instance Details:

    • Instance Name: Provide a unique name for the instance.
    • Description: Optional description for the instance.
    • License Type: Select the appropriate licensing model for your needs.
    • Feature Set: Choose the specific integration features you require (Standard, Enterprise, etc.).
  5. Select the Compartment: Choose the compartment where you want to launch the instance.

  6. Configure Network Settings: You may need to select or configure Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) settings, depending on your requirements.

  7. Configure Additional Settings: This may include selecting the appropriate database, enabling or disabling specific features, configuring notifications, etc.

  8. Review and Create: Review all the settings to ensure they are correct and click ‘Create’ to initiate the creation of the instance.

  9. Monitor the Creation: You can monitor the status of the instance creation from the Oracle Integration Cloud dashboard. It may take some time to provision.

  10. Post-Creation Configuration: Once the instance is created, you may need to configure additional settings, such as connecting to other cloud services, setting up integrations, etc.

  11. Access the Instance: You can access your instance via the provided URL and start working on your integrations.

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