How To Create Subtype For Infotype In SAP HR


How To Create Subtype For Infotype In SAP HR

Title: Creating Subtypes for Infotypes in SAP HR: A Step-by-Step Guide


SAP HR’s information types are essential for storing employee data. Subtypes can break down standard information types into more specialized categories, enabling customized and granular data management within your HR system. This blog will guide you through creating subtypes for information types in SAP HR.

Why Use Subtypes?

Here are some compelling reasons to use info-type subtypes:

  • Specificity: Manage employee data for subsets of your workforce (e.g., only store expatriate-specific information for international employees).
  • Organization: Streamline information by separating data into logical categories.
  • Customization: Adapt standard info types to your company’s unique HR processes and needs.
  • Enhanced Data Control: Regulate data access and visibility based on subtypes.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Identify the Target Infotype: Determine the standard SAP info type you want to customize using subtypes. Common examples include:
    • Infotype 0001 (Organizational Assignment)
    • Infotype 0002 (Personal Data)
    • Infotype 0006 (Addresses)
  1. Access Table V_T591A:  Use transaction code SM30 to access and maintain table V_T591A (Subtype Characteristics).
  2. Create a New Entry: Add a new entry in the table with the following details:
    • Infotype: Enter the number of the infotype you are customizing.
    • Subtype: Assign a unique identifier (usually two characters) for your subtype.
    • Subtype Text: Provide a meaningful description for your subtype.
  1. Optional: Time Constraint (TCONST):  Define the validity and time-dependency of the subtype if required (e.g., a subtype valid only for a specific period).
  2. Customize Screen Layout (Optional):  If you need to adjust the appearance of your subtype’s screen:
    • Use transaction code PM01 and create a screen number (usually 2000).
    • Edit the screen layout to include or exclude fields as necessary.


Imagine you need to store additional address details for international employees. Here’s how to create a subtype for Infotype 0006 (Addresses):

  1. In table V_T591A, add an entry.
  2. Set ‘Infotype’ to ‘0006’.
  3. Use ‘EX’ as the ‘Subtype.’
  4. Enter ‘Expatriate Address’ as ‘Subtype Text’.

Important Considerations

  • Planning: Before creating subtypes, consider your organization’s specific data needs. Excessive subtypes can make your HR system more complex.
  • ABAP Assistance: For complex customizations or creating entirely new custom info types, you might need the help of an ABAP developer.
  • Integration: Consider how subtypes will fit into your HR processes and how they may impact other HR modules.


Creating subtypes for info types in SAP HR gives you greater flexibility and control over your employee data. It enables you to tailor the system to your company’s distinct HR requirements and improve data organization.

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