How to Create User In Oracle Integration Cloud Instance


How to Create User In Oracle Integration Cloud Instance

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) provides a suite of tools for integrating applications, automating processes, and creating visual applications. Here’s a general guide for creating a user in the Oracle Integration Cloud instance. Please note that depending on the version and specific configuration, some steps might differ slightly.

  1. Log In to Oracle Cloud:

    • Open your browser and navigate to the Oracle Cloud login page.
    • Log in using your Oracle Cloud account credentials.
  2. Access Identity Management:

    • Once logged in, navigate to the “Identity & Security” or “Users” section under the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console.
  3. Create a New User:

    • Click on the “Create User” button.
    • Fill in the user’s name, email address, and any other required information.
    • Assign a password for the user, or configure it so that the user will be prompted to create a password upon their first login.
  4. Assign Roles:

    • Depending on the user’s responsibilities, you may need to assign specific roles or permissions. Look for options related to roles, groups, or policies.
    • Add the user to relevant groups or directly attach policies that grant the necessary permissions for working with Oracle Integration Cloud.
  5. Additional Configuration (if needed):

    • You may need to configure additional settings specific to Oracle Integration Cloud, such as assigning integration-related roles or permissions.
  6. Notify the User:

    • Inform the new user of their username, and if you have set an initial password, provide them with that information securely.
  7. Verify the Configuration:

    • If possible, test the new user’s access to ensure they have the correct permissions within Oracle Integration Cloud.

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