How to use While Loop in OIC


How to use While Loop in OIC

However, you can integrate external JavaScript code or libraries into your OIC integrations by using custom code activities or external services that support JavaScript execution. Here’s a high-level overview of how you can achieve this:

1. External Service Integration:

  • If you have JavaScript code or libraries that need to be executed as part of your integration, consider creating a RESTful web service or an HTTP endpoint that can be hosted externally. This external service can execute the JavaScript logic.
  • In your OIC integration, use the “Invoke REST Service” or “Invoke HTTP Service” activities to make HTTP requests to the external service. Pass data as needed and receive the results.
  • The external service can be implemented using JavaScript, Node.js, or any other technology that supports JavaScript execution.

2. Custom Code Activities:

  • OIC allows you to create custom code activities where you can write custom code using various programming languages, including JavaScript.
  • You can create a custom code activity in your integration flow and write JavaScript code directly within it. This code can perform specific data transformations, calculations, or other logic as needed.
  • The JavaScript code in the custom code activity can interact with input and output variables, making it a versatile option for executing JavaScript logic within your integration.

3. JavaScript Cloud Functions:

  • Consider using serverless computing platforms like Oracle Functions, AWS Lambda, or Azure Functions, which support JavaScript execution.
  • You can develop serverless functions using JavaScript and expose them as APIs. Then, you can invoke these functions from your OIC integration using HTTP calls.
  • This approach allows you to leverage the benefits of serverless computing for running JavaScript code in response to integration events.

4. JavaScript within Adapter Transformations:

  • Some OIC adapters may allow you to use JavaScript or scripting languages as part of transformation logic within adapter mappings. This depends on the specific capabilities of the adapter you are using.
  • Check the documentation of the adapter you are working with to see if it supports scripting within transformations.

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