IAM Policy Statement in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


IAM Policy Statement in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), an Identity and Access Management (IAM) policy statement is a fundamental component that defines permissions and access control for users, groups, and resources within your OCI tenancy. IAM policy statements are written in a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format and are used to specify what actions are allowed or denied on specific OCI resources. Here’s how IAM policy statements work in OCI:

  1. Policy Document: An IAM policy statement is part of an IAM policy document. The policy document contains one or more policy statements, each of which defines a set of permissions.
  2. Resource: A resource in OCI can be any cloud resource, such as a compute instance, storage bucket, virtual network, database, or any other OCI service. IAM policies are associated with specific resources or resource types.
  3. Permission Actions: An IAM policy statement includes a list of permission actions that can be performed on a resource. These actions define what users or groups are allowed to do with the resource. For example, actions might include “read,” “write,” “list,” “delete,” and more.
  4. Principals: Principals are the users, groups, or entities to which the policy statement applies. You can specify one or more principals that have the permissions defined in the statement. Principals can be individual users, groups of users, or even the public.
  5. Conditions: IAM policy statements can include conditions that further refine when the policy applies. Conditions can be based on attributes such as time of day, IP addresses, request sources, and more.
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