Info Type 9001 In SAP HR


Info Type 9001 In SAP HR

Understanding Infotype 9001 in SAP HR

In the SAP Human Resources (HR) world, info types are the building blocks for storing and managing employee data. Numerical codes designate info types—standard SAP info types cover everything from basic personal information (Infotype 0001, 0002) to payroll and benefits. Custom info types are an exciting and essential category of info types, often starting with the number ‘9’. One such infotype is Infotype 9001. Let’s explore what it is and how it’s used.

What is Infotype 9001?

Infotype 9001 is a custom infotype within the SAP HR system. This means it doesn’t exist as a standard SAP offering. Organizations will create Infotype 9001 precisely to track and manage data unique to their business needs. Here are some possible uses:

  • Employee Licenses and Certifications: Companies might use Infotype 9001 to store information on professional licenses, certifications, or employee permits. This could include the license type, issuing authority, validity dates, and renewal status.
  • Specialized Skills: Infotype 9001 could track unique skills or competencies possessed by employees, helping HR teams identify individuals with specific expertise.
  • Equipment Assignment: If employees are assigned specialized equipment (safety gear, tools, vehicles), Infotype 9001 might manage records on who has what equipment and relevant dates or tracking numbers.
  • Other HR-Related Data: The flexible nature of custom info types means the possibilities are numerous and depend on the organization’s specific needs.

Why Use a Custom Infotype?

Standard SAP info types are comprehensive, but organizations often have specific data that falls outside the scope of existing structures. Here’s where custom info types shine:

  • Tailored Data Management: They allow HR teams to track information critical to their organization’s operation that wouldn’t otherwise fit into standard info types.
  • Centralized Storage: A custom info type ensures vital employee data is stored within the SAP HR system, facilitating easy access and reporting.

Infotype 9001: Creation and Considerations

If your organization needs to use Infotype 9001, keep these things in mind:

  • Technical Expertise: Creating custom info types typically involves ABAP programming (SAP’s coding language) and knowledge of HR module configuration.
  • Data Structure Design: Careful consideration must be given to the fields (data elements) you want Infotype 9001 to store and their relationships.
  • Maintenance: Like any custom development, Infotype 9001 will require ongoing maintenance and updates as business needs evolve.

Important Note: Since Infotype 9001 is a custom info type, its specific usage and the data it houses will vary from organization to organization.

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