Information Element in Oracle Fusion HCM


Information Element in Oracle Fusion HCM


In Oracle Fusion HCM, an Information Element is a configurable component used to capture and store additional data that extends the standard information tracked for an employee or other individuals within the system. Information Elements allow organizations to collect custom or non-standard data points that are specific to their business needs and HR processes.

Key characteristics of Information Elements in Oracle Fusion HCM include:

  1. Customizable Attributes: Information Elements can be created with custom attributes that are specific to the organization’s requirements. These attributes can be of various data types, such as text, date, number, or picklists.
  2. Flexibility: Organizations can define multiple Information Elements to collect different types of data. Each Information Element can have its set of attributes and data capture requirements.
  3. Integration with Core HR: Information Elements are integrated into the core HR functionality, allowing the captured data to be utilized in various HR processes and reports.
  4. Self-Service Accessibility: Employees and managers can access and update the data related to Information Elements through self-service interfaces, ensuring data accuracy and timeliness.
  5. Security: Information Elements are subject to the same data security rules and access controls as other HR data, ensuring data privacy and compliance.

Common use cases for Information Elements include:

  • Capturing additional personal details not covered by standard HR attributes, such as hobbies, emergency contact information, or specific certifications.
  • Recording custom employee training and qualifications, beyond the standard qualifications tracked in the system.
  • Tracking unique job-related attributes or skills that are specific to certain roles or job families.
  • Collecting employee preferences or other non-mandatory information for organizational purposes.
  • Gathering specific data required for regulatory reporting or internal analytics.

To configure Information Elements, HR administrators and system administrators can use Oracle Fusion HCM’s setup and configuration tools. Information Elements are typically defined during the implementation phase to align the system with the organization’s specific HR data requirements. They provide a powerful means to extend the standard HR data model in Oracle Fusion HCM and tailor the application to meet the unique needs of the organization.

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