Jobs Table in Oracle Fusion HCM


Jobs Table in Oracle Fusion HCM

In Oracle Fusion HCM, the “jobs” table stores information related to job roles or positions within an organization. The table is part of the underlying database schema that supports Oracle Fusion HCM’s human resources management functionalities. It contains records for each job role defined in the system, including their attributes and associated details.

The specific name of the table may vary depending on the version and specific modules implemented in Oracle Fusion HCM. However, a common naming convention for the “jobs” table is “PER_JOBS” or “PER_JOB_DEFINITIONS.”

The “jobs” table typically includes various attributes that describe each job, such as:

  1. Job ID: A unique identifier for each job record in the table.
  2. Job Title: The name or title of the job role, such as “Software Engineer,” “HR Specialist,” etc.
  3. Job Code: An optional alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies the job within the organization.
  4. Job Description: A detailed description of the responsibilities and qualifications associated with the job.
  5. Job Family: The job family or category to which the job belongs. Job families group similar jobs together based on their nature of work.
  6. Job Grade: The grade level associated with the job, which may impact compensation and career progression.
  7. Job Profile ID: A reference to the job profile associated with the job, outlining the required qualifications and competencies.
  8. Active Status: A flag indicating whether the job is currently active or not.

Organizations can use the “jobs” table to manage their workforce’s job roles and positions effectively. HR administrators can add, modify, or delete job records as needed to keep the job information up-to-date and in line with organizational requirements. The data in the “jobs” table is used throughout Oracle Fusion HCM for various HR processes, including talent management, recruitment, performance management, and compensation planning.

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