Key FlexFields in Oracle Fusion HCM


Key FlexFields in Oracle Fusion HCM


In Oracle Fusion HCM, key flexfields (KFFs) are a powerful feature that allows organizations to capture and structure customizable information according to their specific business needs. Key flexfields are used to define and categorize data in a flexible and organized manner, which can then be used for reporting, analysis, and other purposes.

Key flexfields are typically composed of segments, which are individual parts of the flexfield structure. Each segment represents a piece of information that you want to capture. Oracle Fusion HCM provides predefined key flexfields for specific purposes, and organizations can also create custom key flexfields to meet their unique requirements.

Here are some key flexfields commonly used in Oracle Fusion HCM:

  1. Job Flexfields: These flexfields capture additional attributes related to jobs and positions within the organization. For example, you might use a job flexfield to categorize jobs based on specific criteria.
  2. Position Flexfields: Position flexfields capture additional attributes related to specific positions within the organization’s structure. This can be useful for tracking position-related information beyond what is provided by default.
  3. Grade Flexfields: Grade flexfields capture information about grades or levels within the organization’s hierarchy. This might include factors like grade codes or descriptors.
  4. Location Flexfields: Location flexfields capture additional attributes about different geographic locations where the organization operates.
  5. Organization Flexfields: Organization flexfields capture specific attributes about organizational units, departments, and divisions within the organization.
  6. Competency Flexfields: Competency flexfields capture information about different competencies and skill categories required for job roles.
  7. Contact Flexfields: Contact flexfields capture additional information about contacts, such as suppliers, customers, or employees.
  8. Territory Flexfields: Territory flexfields capture information about sales territories, regions, or areas of responsibility.
  9. Work Relationship Flexfields: Work relationship flexfields capture additional attributes about work relationships, such as those between contingent workers and the organization.

It’s important to note that the specific key flexfields available in Oracle Fusion HCM may vary depending on the modules and configuration of the system. Organizations can tailor the use of key flexfields to their specific needs by configuring segments and capturing information that aligns with their business processes.

To work with key flexfields in Oracle Fusion HCM, you would typically use the system’s setup and administration modules. This allows you to define, configure, and manage the segments and structures of the key flexfields according to your organization’s requirements.

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