Logger In Oracle Integration Cloud


Logger In Oracle Integration Cloud

Here are the key steps to use logging in Oracle Integration Cloud:

Log Activities in Integrations or Orchestrations:

  • Inside your integration or orchestration, you can use “Log” activities to record information. To do this, add a “Log” action to your integration or orchestration flow.
  • Configure the “Log” action to capture relevant information. You can log messages, variable values, or any other data that is important for monitoring and debugging.

Log Levels:

  • Oracle Integration Cloud supports different log levels, including INFO, WARNING, and ERROR. You can specify the log level for each log action based on the severity of the information you want to capture.

Conditional Logging:

  • You can conditionally log information based on specific conditions or criteria. For example, you may only want to log certain data when an error occurs.

Custom Logging:

  • In addition to capturing standard log information, you can use custom log messages to record specific details about your integration’s behavior.

Viewing Logs:

  • You can access the logs from the Oracle Integration Cloud Console. Go to the specific integration or orchestration instance you want to monitor, and you’ll find the log entries associated with that instance.

Searching and Filtering:

  • You can search and filter log entries based on various criteria, such as time range, log level, or keywords, to quickly find the information you need.

Exporting Logs:

  • OIC allows you to export log entries for further analysis or archival purposes.

Monitoring and Alerts:

  • You can set up monitoring and alerting rules based on specific log events or patterns. This helps you proactively identify issues and take action when needed.

Audit Trails:

  • Logging in OIC also serves as an audit trail, providing a record of who performed specific actions and when they were executed.

Best Practices:

  • Follow best practices for effective logging, such as including context-specific information, using meaningful log messages, and ensuring proper log rotation and retention policies.


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