Machine Learning In Simple Words


Machine Learning In Simple Words

Machine learning is like teaching computers to learn and make decisions on their own. Just like how you learn from examples and experiences, machines learn from data. It’s like showing a computer lots of pictures of dogs and cats so that it can figure out how to tell the difference between them.
Imagine you’re teaching a little robot friend how to identify a dog. You show it pictures of different dogs, point out their features, and say, “These are dogs.” Then you show it pictures of cats and say, “These are not dogs, they’re cats.” The more pictures you show, the better your robot friend becomes at recognizing dogs on its own.
Machine learning is a bit like that – it’s about giving computers the ability to learn from data and improve at tasks over time. And just like with your robot friend, the more good examples you give the computer, the better it gets at understanding and making decisions.

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