Metric type for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Monitoring Service


Metric type for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Monitoring Service

In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the Monitoring service provides various types of metrics that help you keep track of the performance, health, and utilization of your cloud resources. These metrics are organized by the resource types they measure (e.g., Compute, Database, Networking, etc.).

Here are some common metric types in OCI Monitoring service, categorized by resource:

Compute Metrics

  • CPU Utilization (%)
  • Memory Utilization (%)
  • Disk IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second)
  • Network Throughput (Bytes In/Out)

Database Metrics

  • SQL Execution Time
  • Active Connections
  • Cache Hit Ratio
  • Disk Space Utilization (%)

Block Storage Metrics

  • Read Throughput (Bytes)
  • Write Throughput (Bytes)
  • Read IOPS
  • Write IOPS

Networking Metrics

  • Packets Sent/Received
  • Errors In/Out
  • Bytes Sent/Received

Object Storage Metrics

  • Get Requests
  • Put Requests
  • Errors
  • Bandwidth In/Out

Load Balancer Metrics

  • Request Count
  • Active Connections
  • Response Time

Other Services (Kafka, Kubernetes, etc.)

  • Client Connections
  • Message Rate (In/Out)
  • Node Count
  • CPU and Memory per Node

The above list is not exhaustive and the available metrics can differ based on the specific OCI service you’re using. You can also create custom metrics to track application-specific data points.

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