Microsoft Azure Databricks Training


  Microsoft Azure Databricks Training

  • Here’s a comprehensive guide to finding the best Microsoft Azure Databricks training resources:

    Types of Training Resources:

      • Microsoft Learn (Official):Modules:  Structured, self-paced learning paths with hands-on exercises. ([invalid URL removed])
      • Free Training:  Databricks focused training available for Azure customers 
      • Databricks Academy:Courses and Learning Paths: In-depth courses on various Databricks aspects for data professionals. 
      • Webinars: Live and on-demand webinars covering best practices and technical topics. 
      • Many online platforms like Unogeeks Online Training                              institute:               

    Choosing the Right Resource:

      • Experience Level:Beginner: Start with Microsoft Learn modules and Databricks Academy foundational courses.
      • Intermediate: Explore Databricks webinars and platform-specific online courses.
      • Advanced Dive into the detailed Azure Databricks documentation and build your own projects.
      • Specific Focus:Data Engineering: Emphasize data ingestion, transformation, and processing with Databricks and Azure.
      • Machine Learning: Prioritize ML workflows, model development, and deployment using Databricks.
      • Analytics: Target business intelligence and data visualization techniques using Databricks.
      • Learning Style:Self-Paced: Microsoft Learn and online courses.
      • Guided: Databricks Academy learning paths.
      • Practical: Focus on documentation and hands-on projects.

    Additional Tips:

    • Community: Engage with the Azure Databricks community on forums and online groups for support and knowledge sharing.
    • Certification: Consider pursuing the Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate certification, which heavily features Databricks.
    • pen_spark

Databricks Training Demo Day 1 Video:

You can find more information about Databricks Training in this Dtabricks Docs Link



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