Microsoft Cognitive Services


Microsoft Cognitive Services

These services enable developers to integrate AI features into their applications, making them smarter, more interactive, and capable of understanding and interpreting human inputs. Microsoft Cognitive Services cover a wide range of AI functionalities, including vision, speech, language, knowledge, and search. Here are some key services and capabilities within Microsoft Cognitive Services:

  1. Vision Services:

    • Computer Vision: Analyze and describe the content of images and extract information, such as objects, faces, and text.
    • Face API: Detect, recognize, and analyze faces in photos and videos, including attributes like age, gender, and emotion.
    • Custom Vision: Train your own image classification models for specific tasks.
  2. Speech Services:

    • Speech-to-Text: Convert spoken language into written text for transcription and analysis.
    • Text-to-Speech: Convert text into natural-sounding spoken language.
    • Speaker Recognition: Identify and authenticate speakers based on their voice.
  3. Language Services:

    • Language Understanding (LUIS): Build natural language understanding models to enable conversational interfaces.
    • Text Analytics: Analyze text for sentiment, key phrases, language detection, and more.
    • Translator Text: Translate text from one language to another.
    • QnA Maker: Create question-and-answer knowledge bases from documents or web pages.
  4. Knowledge Services:

    • Entity Linking Intelligence Service (ELIS): Automatically identify and link entities within text to a knowledge base.
    • Recommendations: Build personalized product recommendation systems.
  5. Search Services:

    • Bing Web Search: Integrate web search capabilities into your applications.
    • Bing Visual Search: Enable visual search within your applications.
  6. Anomaly Detector:

    • Detect and diagnose anomalies in time-series data, which is valuable for various monitoring and prediction tasks.
  7. Form Recognizer:

    • Extract structured data from forms, invoices, and receipts, automating data entry and processing.
  8. Ink Recognizer:

    • Recognize digital ink content, making it suitable for drawing and handwriting recognition.
  9. Personalizer:

    • Implement reinforcement learning-based recommendation systems to optimize user experiences.
  10. Speech Devices SDK:

    • Build applications for specialized speech devices such as the Microsoft HoloLens.
  11. Azure Bot Service:

    • Create intelligent chatbots and virtual agents for customer support and other interactive tasks.

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