Move Logs from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Into IBM Qradar


Move Logs from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Into IBM Qradar

Moving logs from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) into IBM QRadar for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) involves several steps. Here is a high-level overview of what you might need to do:


  1. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Account: Make sure you have an account and have access to the logs you want to transfer.
  2. IBM QRadar SIEM: A running instance where you’ll send your logs.
  3. Network Access: Ensure the QRadar instance can reach the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure network where logs are stored.
  4. OCI SDK or CLI: Optionally install Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI or SDK for easier interaction with OCI services.


  1. Locate the Logs in OCI

Locate the log files you want to move. These could be audit logs, application logs, database logs, etc.

  1. Configure OCI Logging
  2. Navigate to the OCI Console.
  3. Go to the Logging service.
  4. Configure logging rules to capture the logs you’re interested in.
  5. Prepare IBM QRadar
  6. Log in to IBM QRadar SIEM.
  7. Configure a Log Source. The type of Log Source will depend on the log type you’re importing.
  8. Make note of the listening IP and Port number for incoming logs.
  9. Create a Log Pipeline


  • OCI Streaming: Use OCI Streaming service to move logs in real-time to a location accessible by QRadar.
  • Object Storage: If logs are stored in OCI Object Storage, you could sync these to a location accessible by QRadar.
  • Direct API Calls: Use OCI CLI/SDK to extract logs and forward them to QRadar.
  1. Forward Logs to IBM QRadar
  2. If using OCI Streaming, you might need to develop a function (e.g., Oracle Functions or Lambda) to push logs to QRadar’s listening endpoint.
  3. If using Object Storage, set up a synchronization script to move logs to QRadar.
  4. Verify Logs in IBM QRadar

After setting up, you should check IBM QRadar to ensure that logs are being imported correctly. Fine-tune any parsing or indexing rules as needed.

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