Movement Type 102 in SAP PP


Movement Type 102 in SAP PP

Understanding Movement Type 102: The Reversal Act in SAP PP

Managing inventory accurately is crucial in the fast-paced world of Production Planning (PP) within SAP. Movement types act as a coded language for various inventory movements. Today, we’ll delve into the specific role of Movement Type 102.

What is Movement Type 102?

Movement Type 102 signifies the reversal of a goods receipt previously posted with Movement Type 101. In simpler terms, if you received items but must undo that action for any reason, Movement Type 102 comes to the rescue.

Common Scenarios for Using Movement Type 102

Here are some instances where you might utilize Movement Type 102:

  • Delivery mistake: You realize you received incorrect materials or an excessive quantity.
  • Damage during receipt: The delivered items are damaged and unfit for use.
  • Canceled purchase order: The purchase order linked to the goods receipt is no longer valid.

Key Points to Remember about Movement Type 102

  • Movement Type 101 reverses the entire quantity received. Partial reversals are not possible with Movement Type 102.
  • Movement Type 102 primarily impacts inventory levels and accounting entries associated with receiving the original goods.
  • For returning goods to a vendor, consider Movement Type 122 (Return delivery) instead, which allows for partial returns.

Using Movement Type 102 in SAP

You can typically access Movement Type 102 through the MIRO transaction (Goods Receipt: Reversal). This transaction lets you specify the original goods receipt document and process the reversal.

Remember: It’s generally recommended to use the MBST (Material Document: Cancel) transaction before processing a reversal with Movement Type 102. This ensures proper system updates and avoids inconsistencies.


Movement Type 102 is vital in maintaining accurate inventory data within SAP PP. Understanding its purpose and proper usage ensures a smooth flow of materials and avoids inventory discrepancies. Remembering these points, you can effectively utilize Movement Type 102 whenever you encounter situations requiring a goods receipt reversal.

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