MRP 1 View in SAP PP


MRP 1 View in SAP PP

Demystifying the MRP 1 View in SAP PP

In the complex SAP Production Planning (PP) world, the Material Master holds the key to efficient inventory management. One crucial component within this master data is the MRP 1 View. But what exactly does it do, and why is it important?

The MRP 1 View: A Planning Powerhouse

The MRP 1 View is the foundation for Material Requirements Planning (MRP) in SAP PP. It stores critical parameters that dictate how the system calculates a material’s production or procurement needs. Think of it as the blueprint for ensuring you have the suitable materials at the right time to meet production demands.

Key Features of the MRP 1 View

While several fields contribute to the MRP 1 View’s functionality, here are some of the most significant ones:

  • Planning Type: This mandatory field defines how the material is planned. It determines whether MRP, forecasting, or another strategy is used.
  • MRP Group: Grouping materials with similar planning characteristics simplifies MRP setup and maintenance.
  • Lot Sizing Procedure: This dictates how the system calculates the material’s optimal production or purchase quantity.
  • Reorder Point: This level triggers a procurement order when inventory dips below a specific threshold.
  • ABC Indicator: This classification (A, B, or C) categorizes materials based on their consumption value, helping prioritize planning efforts.

Benefits of a Well-Maintained MRP 1 View

By meticulously maintaining the MRP 1 View, you can achieve several advantages:

  • Optimized Inventory Levels: Accurate calculations prevent stockouts and overstocking, leading to better cash flow management.
  • Improved Production Efficiency: Timely availability of materials reduces production delays and ensures smooth operations.
  • Enhanced Planning Accuracy: Well-defined parameters produce more reliable forecasts and production plans.

Maintaining the MRP 1 View: A Collaborative Effort

Maintaining the MRP 1 View often falls on the shoulders of the MRP controller or production planning team. However, adequate data entry often requires collaboration with other departments like purchasing and engineering.


The MRP 1 View ensures a well-oiled production machine in SAP PP. By understanding its purpose and key features, you can leverage its power to optimize inventory, enhance production efficiency, and achieve better planning accuracy in your organization.

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