MRP Types in SAP PP


MRP Types in SAP PP

Demystifying MRP Types in SAP PP

In the world of SAP Production Planning (PP), MRP (Material Requirements Planning) is king. It ensures you have the suitable materials in the right quantities at the right time. But there’s a hidden layer of control within MRP – MRP Types.

What are MRP Types?

Think of MRP types as blueprints for how a material is planned in SAP. They define which MRP procedures are used and what parameters can be maintained for that material. You’ll find them in the MRP 1 view of the material master record.

The Two Main Categories:

MRP types fall into two main categories:

  1. Material Requirements Planning (MRP): Here, planning relies on the master production schedule (MPS) or planned independent requirements (PIRs). MRP types in this category include:
    • PD (Planned Dependent): The most common MRP type, PD uses the MRP procedure to determine requirements based on MPS and PIRs.
    • P1 to P4: These types control how the planning time fence (PTF) is considered. P1 creates planned orders within the PTF, while P4 only plans outside.
  2. Consumption-Based Planning: This category uses past consumption data to forecast future needs. Common types include:
    • VB (Manual Reorder Point): You define a reorder point level. A new purchase requisition is triggered when the stock falls below this level.
    • VM (Moving Average): MRP calculates future requirements based on a moving average of past consumption.

Choosing the Right MRP Type:

The best MRP type depends on the material itself. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Use PD for components directly affected by the MPS or PIRs.
  • Use VB for items with steady demand and predictable lead times.
  • Use VM for items with fluctuating demand but predictable usage patterns.

Beyond the Basics:

There’s more to MRP types than these core concepts. For a deeper dive, consider exploring:

  • How MRP types interact with the planning time fence.
  • MRP group planning and its impact on dependent requirements.
  • Particular MRP types are ND (No Planning) and VV (Forecast-Based Planning).

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