Name Type in Oracle Fusion HCM


Name Type in Oracle Fusion HCM

In Oracle Fusion HCM, the “name type” refers to the category or classification of a person’s name based on its purpose or usage. Different names might be used for different contexts within an organization, such as legal documents, informal communication, or public-facing interactions. Oracle Fusion HCM allows you to capture and manage various name types for individuals within the system.

Here’s how name types are typically managed in Oracle Fusion HCM:

Name Type Categories:

  • Oracle Fusion HCM often provides predefined categories or types of names that can be associated with an individual’s profile.
  • Common categories include “Legal Name,” “Preferred Name,” “Nickname,” “Maiden Name,” and more.

Storing Multiple Names:

  • Oracle Fusion HCM allows you to store multiple names for an individual, each with its corresponding name type.
  • This accommodates situations where individuals may have different names for different purposes.

Personal Information Management:

  • Name types are typically managed within the personal information section of an individual’s profile.
  • Users can enter and update name details and specify the associated name type.

Document Generation and Reporting:

  • The ability to assign name types is useful for document generation and reporting, ensuring that the appropriate name is used based on the context.

Global Considerations:

  • In multinational organizations, the concept of name types can be especially relevant due to variations in naming conventions across cultures and regions.

Integration with Workflows:

  • Name types might be integrated with workflows and approval processes to ensure consistency and accuracy in name-related changes.

Data Privacy and Compliance:

  • Managing name types can also help organizations comply with data privacy regulations by allowing individuals to specify which name should be used in certain contexts.

Employee and Manager Self-Service:


  • In some cases, employees and managers may be allowed to update or provide name type information through self-service portals.

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