Net Requirement Calculation in SAP PP


Net Requirement Calculation in SAP PP

Ensuring Smooth Production with Net Requirements Calculation in SAP PP

In the fast-paced manufacturing world, ensuring suitable materials are available at the right time is crucial. This is where Material Requirements Planning (MRP) comes in, and an essential function within MRP is Net Requirements Calculation (NRP).

What is Net Requirements Calculation?

NRP is the heart of MRP in SAP PP (Production Planning). It’s a behind-the-scenes process that analyzes all your material needs and determines if you have enough stock to meet them. It considers various factors:

  • Requirements: This includes planned independent requirements (forecasts), sales orders, dependent requirements (from bills of materials), and reservations.
  • Stock: This includes your existing unrestricted-use stock levels.
  • Receipts include planned orders, purchase orders, and any other confirmed incoming materials.

How Does NRP Work?

Imagine NRP as a meticulous accountant. It reviews your requirements, one by one, checking them against your available stock. If the stock is sufficient to cover the need, it moves on. But if there’s a shortage (negative net requirement), NRP flags it.

NRP follows a specific order:

  1. Sequencing: It starts with the earliest requirements and checks them against the earliest available stock and planned receipts.
  2. Offsetting: It consumes the available materials first-in, first-out.

The Outcome of NRP

The outcome of NRP is critical for production planning. It tells you:

  • Material Shortages: If NRP identifies shortages, it creates “procurement proposals.” These proposals can be converted into purchase or planned production orders, ensuring you receive the missing materials on time.
  • Inventory Optimization: NRP helps you avoid overstocking by identifying areas with sufficient materials. This frees up valuable storage space and financial resources.

Benefits of Using NRP

  • Improved Production Efficiency: Ensuring you have suitable materials can avoid production delays and disruptions.
  • Reduced Inventory Costs: NRP helps you maintain optimal stock levels, minimizing storage costs and the risk of obsolescence.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Timely deliveries are critical to happy customers. NRP helps you fulfill orders on time by ensuring smooth production flow.


Net Requirements Calculation is a powerful tool within SAP PP. By understanding how it works, you can leverage its capabilities to optimize your production processes, minimize costs, and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

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