NO Valid Queue For SAP_HR Rel. 604


NO Valid Queue For SAP_HR Rel. 604

Troubleshooting the “No valid queue for sap_hr rel. 604” Error in SAP

SAP’s HR module (SAP_HR) is critical for many organizations, managing everything from payroll and benefits to employee data and performance tracking. While applying updates, patches, or support packages to SAP_HR, you might encounter the error message “No valid queue for sap_hr rel. 604” during the import process. This error can be frustrating, but it usually indicates a problem with loading support packages or defining dependencies. Let’s break down the causes and solutions.

Understanding the Error

The “No valid queue for sap_hr rel. 604” error means that the SAP Support Package Manager (SPAM) cannot find a suitable import queue for the specific Support Package (SP) you are trying to apply. This usually happens due to one of the following reasons:

  • Missing or Incorrect Support Packages: The SP you’re trying to import might require other prerequisite SPs not present in your system or not loaded in the correct order.
  • Dependency Conflicts: There might be dependencies between SPs that SAP’s Support Package Manager can’t resolve automatically.
  • Incorrect System Configuration: Errors in your SAP system or SPAM configuration could also contribute to the issue.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Check Prerequisites:
    • Carefully examine the documentation of the SAP_HR Support Package you are trying to install. Identify any dependencies or other SPs that need to be installed beforehand.
    • Make sure you download all the required SPs from the SAP Support Portal.
  2. Verify Import Order:
    • SAP Support Packages often must be installed in a specific sequence. Consult the SP documentation to ensure you have the correct order.
    • Use transaction code SPAM to load the required SPs into your SAP system’s import buffer in the correct sequence.
  3. Resolve Dependencies:
    • If dependency conflicts are causing the issue, you’ll need to define the import queue manually. Use transaction code SPAM and the “Define Queue” option to create a custom queue that includes the necessary SPs in the correct order.
  4. Check SPAM Settings:
    • Use transaction code SPAM and navigate to Goto -> Settings to determine the correct support package stack.
    • Verify the target Support Package stack.
  5. Examine Logs:
    • Review the logs in transaction code SLOG for any detailed error messages that shed more light on the cause of the problem.

Additional Tips

  • SAP Notes: Search for relevant SAP Notes on the SAP Support Portal. These notes often contain known issues, solutions, or workarounds for common import errors.
  • SAP Community: Engage with the SAP Community on forums. Experienced SAP professionals can assist with specific challenges you’re facing.

Example Scenario

You’re trying to install Support Package SAP_HR 604, level 15. However, this SP depends on SAP_EA and SAP_BW, which must be up to a specific level. You must first ensure those dependencies are installed in the correct sequence to resolve the “No valid queue…” error.


The “No valid queue for sap_hr rel. 604” error can be a roadblock when updating your SAP HR systems. By systematically addressing the underlying causes, you can successfully import the needed SPs. Remember that proper prerequisite planning, following the correct import order, and manual dependency resolution are crucial to overcoming this error.

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