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Okera, an AI-centric data governance platform, has been strategically acquired by Databricks. This acquisition is a significant step towards integrating Okera’s data governance capabilities with Databricks’ Unity Catalog, a move that will provide a comprehensive solution for managing and governing data, particularly in the context of AI workloads.

Key benefits and features of Okara’s platform include:

  • AI-powered data discovery, classification, and tagging: Okera can automatically identify and classify sensitive data, making it easier to apply appropriate governance policies.
  • No-code policy creation: Okera empowers data governance stakeholders by enabling them to create access policies without technical expertise, fostering a sense of trust and capability.Self-service portal: Okera provides a portal for auditing and analyzing data usage, improving visibility and control.
  • Integration with Databricks’ Unity Catalog: The integration will provide a unified solution for data governance across the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

The acquisition is expected to:

  • Enhance Databricks’ data governance capabilities: Okera’s AI-centric approach will strengthen Databricks’ ability to manage and govern data, especially in the context of AI workloads.
  • Simplify data governance for customers: The integration of Okera’s platform with Databricks’ Unity Catalog will provide a seamless experience for customers, making it easier to manage and govern their data.
  • Accelerate innovation: By combining their expertise, Databricks and Okera will accelerate innovation in data governance.

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