Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Technology Exams


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Technology Exams

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and technology exams, they generally assess your knowledge and skills related to Oracle’s cloud services and other technologies. These exams can be crucial for professionals who want to prove their expertise in Oracle solutions or for organizations that use Oracle technologies and want to ensure their staff has the required skill set.

Popular Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Technology Exams:

  1. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2020 Certified Associate – Covers basic cloud concepts and foundational knowledge of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  2. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2020 Architect Associate – Focuses on in-depth cloud architecture knowledge, including networking, storage, and compute services.
  3. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2020 Architect Professional – An advanced certification that tests your capability to design complex cloud solutions.
  4. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2020 Cloud Operations Associate – Tests skills required for managing and operating Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solutions.
  5. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2020 Developer Associate – Assesses knowledge and skills in developing cloud-native applications.
  6. Oracle Cloud Database Services Certified Specialist – Focuses on database management in Oracle’s cloud ecosystem.
  7. Oracle Cloud Platform Application Development 2020 Associate – For those who develop, deploy, and manage applications in the Oracle Cloud.

Exam Preparation:

  1. Study Material: Oracle usually provides a comprehensive study guide for each exam.
  2. Practice Exams: Many third-party sites offer practice tests.
  3. Training Courses: Oracle and other training providers offer specialized courses aimed at these exams.
  4. Forums and Communities: Websites like Stack Overflow and Oracle’s community forums can be valuable resources for clearing up any questions.
  5. Hands-On Experience: Practical experience is invaluable. Many Oracle Cloud services offer a free tier, allowing you to practice without cost.

You can find more information about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure application in this Oracle Docs Link



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