Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect is a network connectivity service that provides a dedicated, private connection between your data center and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). By utilizing FastConnect, you can avoid traversing the public internet and enjoy higher bandwidth options, lower latency, and increased security.

Key Features:

  1. Private Connectivity: Directly connect your data center or network to OCI, ensuring data doesn’t travel over the public internet.

  2. Higher Bandwidth: FastConnect can provide higher bandwidth compared to a VPN connection, ensuring faster data transfer speeds.

  3. Reduced Latency: A dedicated line usually has less network congestion, leading to lower latency.

  4. Increased Security: The private nature of the connection ensures a more secure data transfer.

  5. Cost-Effective: Data transfer costs are generally lower compared to internet-based connections.

Types of FastConnect:

  1. Direct Connect: Connect through a direct fiber-optic cable to an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure router.

  2. Provider Connect: Connect through a connectivity provider in Oracle’s FastConnect partner ecosystem.

Steps to Implement:

  1. Plan Your Network: Understand your bandwidth requirements, redundancy needs, and physical location to choose between Direct Connect or Provider Connect.

  2. Request a Connection: Log in to the OCI Console, navigate to Networking, and then FastConnect to request a new connection.

  3. Configure BGP Session: Set up Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) sessions for dynamic routing between your network and OCI.

  4. Activate Connection: Once BGP session is configured, your FastConnect should be ready to use.

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