Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Health Checks


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Health Checks

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides health checks as a feature to monitor the availability and health of your resources, such as instances, load balancers, and endpoints. Health checks are essential for ensuring the reliability and availability of your applications and services. Here’s an overview of OCI health checks:

  1. Resource Health: OCI continuously monitors the health of your resources, such as virtual machines (VMs) and load balancers, within an availability domain (AD) and reports their status. You can view the resource health status through the OCI Console, APIs, and CLI.
  2. Load Balancer Health Checks: For OCI Load Balancers, you can configure health checks to monitor the status of the backend instances or servers. These health checks periodically assess the responsiveness and availability of the backend resources.
  3. Endpoint Health Checks: You can create health checks for endpoints, which are external targets reachable over the internet or through a private network. Endpoint health checks help monitor the availability and responsiveness of external services or resources.
  4. Custom Health Checks: OCI allows you to define custom health checks with specific criteria to determine the health of your resources. Custom health checks enable you to tailor monitoring to your application’s needs.
  5. Notification and Alerting: You can configure notifications and alerts based on the health status of your resources. OCI provides integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notifications, allowing you to set up automatic notifications when health check failures occur.
  6. Automated Recovery: Based on health check results, you can implement automated recovery actions, such as restarting a failed VM or directing traffic away from unhealthy instances using load balancer configurations.
  7. Thresholds and Metrics: You can define thresholds for health checks, and OCI provides metrics related to health check status, which you can use for performance monitoring and troubleshooting.
  8. Logging and Auditing: Health check logs and audit trails are available, allowing you to review the history of health check results and actions taken in response to health issues.
  9. Integration with Other OCI Services: Health checks can be integrated with other OCI services like Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Events, allowing you to trigger events or automation based on health check outcomes.
 You can find more information about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure application in this Oracle Docs Link



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