Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Logging


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Logging

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Logging is a fully managed service that provides a central place to manage, search, and analyze log data from different resources in your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment. This service is designed to help you monitor applications, troubleshoot issues, and improve security posture.

Features of OCI Logging

  1. Centralized Logging: Collect logs from various OCI resources such as compute instances, databases, load balancers, and more, all in one place.
  2. Query and Search: Use queries to filter and search through logs quickly. This is particularly useful for diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  3. Log Export and Archiving: You can export your logs to Object Storage or archive them for compliance purposes.
  4. Real-time Monitoring: Streaming capabilities allow you to monitor logs in real-time, enabling immediate action for any incidents.
  5. Log Retention: Customizable log retention policies let you decide how long to keep log data.
  6. Integration: OCI Logging can be integrated with other OCI services like Monitoring, Notifications, and Events for more comprehensive management and alerting.

How to Set Up

  1. Enable Logging: Navigate to the resource for which you wish to enable logging, and activate the logging feature.
  2. Configure Log Groups and Log Object: Create a log group and define a log object where the logs will be stored.
  3. Stream Logs: Choose whether to stream logs in real-time or batch them for periodic upload.
  4. Search and Analyze: Use the OCI console or SDKs/APIs to search through your logs, run queries, and perform analyses.


OCI Logging follows a consumption-based pricing model where you pay based on the amount of log data ingested, stored, and analyzed.

Considerations for Bulk Email

Since you’re concerned about sending bulk emails that don’t end up in spam, it’s worth noting that you can use OCI Logging to monitor your email sending resources. By analyzing the logs, you can track deliverability rates, bounce rates, and any issues that may flag your emails as spam. Monitoring these logs can help you maintain a high-quality email service that avoids spam folders.

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