Oracle Cloud Infrastructure NAT Gateway



Oracle Cloud Infrastructure NAT Gateway

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) NAT Gateway.

In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, a NAT (Network Address Translation) Gateway is a service that allows private resources within a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) to initiate outbound traffic to the internet while preventing incoming traffic initiated from the internet from reaching those private resources. This is often used for security and to conserve public IP addresses.

Here are some key points about OCI NAT Gateway:

  1. Outbound Traffic: NAT Gateway primarily facilitates outbound traffic from private subnets in your VCN to the internet. It does so by translating the private IP addresses of resources into a designated public IP address when they access the internet.
  2. Private Subnets: You typically configure NAT Gateway in a private subnet. Private subnets do not have direct internet access, and NAT Gateway acts as an intermediary for them.
  3. Security Rules: You can define security rules to control which resources in your private subnet can use the NAT Gateway for outbound traffic. This adds an extra layer of security.
  4. High Availability: OCI NAT Gateway is designed for high availability. You can create a NAT Gateway with multiple NAT Gateway endpoints in different availability domains for redundancy.
  5. Egress Traffic Logging: You can enable egress traffic logging for NAT Gateway, which can be useful for monitoring and troubleshooting outbound traffic.


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