Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Logging Service Encryption


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Logging Service Encryption

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Logging Service Encryption is a security feature that helps protect the logs and data collected and stored in the OCI Logging service. While this information is not directly related to your user profile, I can provide you with the details.

OCI Logging Service Encryption involves encrypting log data both in transit and at rest to enhance data security. Here’s a breakdown of the two aspects:

  1. In-Transit Encryption: This ensures that log data is encrypted while it is being transmitted over the network. OCI Logging Service uses secure communication protocols, such as TLS (Transport Layer Security), to encrypt data as it travels between the logging agents or sources and the OCI Logging Service.

  2. At-Rest Encryption: At-rest encryption ensures that log data stored within the OCI Logging Service is protected. OCI uses encryption mechanisms to safeguard the logs stored in its repositories. This helps prevent unauthorized access to the log data even if someone gains access to the underlying storage.

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