Oracle Cloud Integration with Azure AD


Oracle Cloud Integration with Azure AD

Integrating Oracle Cloud with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) allows you to manage user identities and access Oracle Cloud services using Azure AD credentials. Here are the main steps to achieve this integration:


  1. Set Up Azure AD:
    1. In the Azure portal, create an Azure AD application to represent Oracle Cloud. This application will act as a service principal.
    2. Configure Single Sign-On (SSO) settings in Azure AD and note down the SAML SSO URL and the Azure AD Identifier.
  2. Configure Oracle Cloud:
    1. In your Oracle Cloud account, go to the Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) console.
    2. Set up a new SAML application for Azure AD integration.
    3. Provide the SAML SSO URL and Azure AD Identifier obtained from Azure AD in the previous step.
  3. Map Attributes:
    1. Configure attribute mappings between Oracle Cloud and Azure AD to ensure that user attributes are correctly synchronized.
  4. Test the Integration:
    1. Perform tests to ensure that Azure AD users can successfully authenticate and access Oracle Cloud resources.
  5. User Provisioning (Optional):
    1. Set up user provisioning if you want to automate user creation, updates, and deletions between Azure AD and Oracle Cloud.
  6. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):
    1. Consider enabling MFA for added security. You can configure MFA policies in both Azure AD and Oracle Cloud.
  7. Monitoring and Troubleshooting:
    1. Regularly monitor the integration for any issues and set up appropriate logging and alerting.
    2. Troubleshoot any problems that may arise during the integration process.
  8. Documentation and Training:
    1. Document the integration process for future reference and provide training to administrators and users on how to use the integrated system.

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