Oracle Fusion Applications Account


Oracle Fusion Applications Account

In the context of Oracle Fusion Applications, an “account” refers to a financial account that is used to track and record financial transactions. These accounts are part of the Chart of Accounts in Oracle Fusion Financials, which is a structured list of accounts that represent the organization’s financial structure.

Here are some key points about accounts in Oracle Fusion Applications:

  1. Chart of Accounts: The Chart of Accounts is a hierarchical structure that represents the organization’s financial reporting structure. It includes various levels of accounts, such as segment values, natural account codes, and parent-child relationships.

  2. Account Segments: Accounts in Oracle Fusion Applications typically consist of multiple segments, which represent different dimensions of financial information. Examples of segments include company, department, product, and cost center. Each segment value represents a specific attribute or characteristic of the account.

  3. Account Codes: Accounts are identified by unique codes, which are composed of segment values. These codes provide a standardized way to reference and classify financial transactions.

  4. Account Types: Accounts are categorized into different types based on their purpose and nature. Common account types include asset, liability, revenue, expense, and equity. Each account type has specific characteristics and rules associated with it.

  5. Account Balances: Accounts in Oracle Fusion Applications maintain balances that reflect the financial activity within each account. Balances can be tracked for different time periods, such as daily, monthly, or yearly. Account balances are updated through transactions, journals, and posting processes.

  6. Reporting and Analysis: Accounts are used as the basis for financial reporting and analysis in Oracle Fusion Applications. They provide the foundation for generating financial statements, such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.

  7. Account Hierarchies: Account hierarchies in Oracle Fusion Applications allow for the organization and grouping of accounts based on specific criteria. Hierarchies provide a structured view of accounts for reporting, analysis, and decision-making purposes.

It’s important to note that the specific configuration and setup of accounts in Oracle Fusion Applications can vary based on the organization’s requirements and industry. The Chart of Accounts and account structures can be customized and tailored to meet the specific financial reporting needs of the organization.

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