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Oracle Fusion Application M&S (Maintenance and Support) refers to the services and support provided by Oracle to customers who have implemented Oracle Fusion Applications. M&S services are essential for maintaining and ensuring the optimal performance of Fusion Applications over time. Here are key aspects of Oracle Fusion Application M&S:


  1. Updates and Patches: Oracle provides regular updates, patches, and bug fixes to address issues, enhance functionality, and improve security within Fusion Applications. Customers with M&S agreements are eligible to receive and apply these updates.
  2. Technical Support: M&S includes access to Oracle’s technical support team, who can assist with troubleshooting issues, providing guidance on best practices, and resolving software-related problems.
  3. Security Updates: Oracle ensures that Fusion Applications receive security updates and patches to protect against vulnerabilities and potential threats.
  4. Product Enhancements: Customers with active M&S agreements may also have access to product enhancements and new features as they become available, helping them stay up-to-date with the latest innovations.
  5. Knowledge Base and Documentation: M&S agreements often provide access to Oracle’s knowledge base, documentation, and resources to assist customers in effectively using Fusion Applications.
  6. Licensing Compliance: Staying current with M&S agreements is crucial for maintaining compliance with Oracle’s licensing terms and policies.

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You can find more information about Oracle Fusion Cloud application in this Oracle Docs Link



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