Oracle Fusion Applications Version History


Oracle Fusion Applications Version History

Oracle Fusion Applications represent a suite of cloud-based enterprise software solutions designed to address various business functions, including human capital management, customer relationship management, financial management, supply chain management, and more. 

  1. Release 11:
    • Oracle Fusion Applications were initially released as “Release 11” in October 2011.
    • This release included various modules and functionalities across different business domains.
  1. Release 12:
    • Oracle released “Release 12” of Fusion Applications, which brought enhancements and improvements to the suite.
    • This release aimed to offer improved user experiences, increased analytics capabilities, and more flexible deployment options.
  1. Continual Updates:
    • Following the initial releases, Oracle has continued to release regular updates and enhancements to the Fusion Applications suite.
    • These updates often include new features, improved user interfaces, and performance enhancements.
  1. Cloud Evolution:
    • Over time, Oracle’s approach to cloud technology has evolved, and the Fusion Applications suite has been integrated into the broader Oracle Cloud Applications portfolio.
  1. Oracle Cloud Services:
    • Oracle has focused on providing cloud services through its Oracle Cloud platform, which includes offerings such as Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and more.
  1. Ongoing Development:


    • Oracle continues to develop and enhance the capabilities of Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, aligning them with changing industry trends, customer needs, and technological advancements.

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