Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM SOAP Web Services For SCM


Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM SOAP Web Services For SCM

Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM (Supply Chain Management) provides a variety of ways to integrate with external systems.One of these methods is through SOAP web services.

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a messaging protocol that allows programs running on disparate operating systems (such as Windows and Linux) to communicate with each other. It uses XML for its message format, which is language-agnostic, so you can build a service in any language and have it communicate with any other language that supports SOAP.

The following are some points related to SOAP web services for Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM:

  1. WSDL Files: Oracle Fusion SCM services provide WSDL (Web Services Description Language) files that describe how the web service can be called, what parameters it expects, and what data structures it returns. You’ll use the WSDL to construct your SOAP requests.

  2. Operations: Most SOAP web services will provide a variety of operations, like querying for data, creating new records, updating existing ones, etc. The operations you can perform on a specific Oracle Fusion SCM service would depend on the service itself.

  3. Security: The web services provided by Oracle Fusion SCM are typically secured using standards like WS-Security. You’ll need to provide credentials in the SOAP header to authenticate yourself to the service.

  4. Endpoints: Each SOAP web service has an endpoint URL, which is where your requests will be sent. This will be specific to your instance of Oracle Fusion SCM.

  5. SOAP Envelope: A SOAP request will typically contain an envelope, header, and body. The envelope is the top level XML element that contains the other elements. The header will typically contain security and other metadata, while the body contains the actual request.

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