Oracle Fusion Financials FBDI Templates


Oracle Fusion Financials FBDI Templates

Oracle Fusion Financials FBDI Templates: Streamlining Your Data Import

Oracle Fusion Financials offers robust tools for managing your organization’s financial data. One powerful feature is File-Based Data Import (FBDI), which lets you import substantial amounts of data from external systems in a structured way. FBDI templates are the core of this process, and in this blog, we’ll dive into what they are, why they’re essential, and how to use them effectively.

What are FBDI Templates?

  • FBDI templates are pre-formatted spreadsheets designed to import data into Oracle Fusion Financials.
  • They contain the necessary fields and structure that align with the target data objects within your Fusion Financials system (e.g., suppliers, invoices, journal entries).
  • Oracle provides a comprehensive library of FBDI templates for various financial modules.

Why Use FBDI Templates?

  • Efficiency: FBDI templates streamline the data import process, making it faster and less error-prone than manual data entry.
  • Bulk Data Handling: These templates are ideal for importing large volumes of data, such as during system migrations or when integrating with legacy applications.
  • Data Validation: Templates incorporate built-in data validation checks, helping to ensure data integrity before it’s loaded into your Fusion Financials environment.
  • Standardization: FBDI templates enforce a consistent data format, promoting consistency and reducing errors.

How to Use FBDI Templates

  1. Locate the Template: Access the Oracle Help Center and search for the FBDI template corresponding to the data you want to import.
  2. Populate the Template: Enter your data into the template’s designated fields, ensuring it adheres to the specified format and any restrictions.
  3. Generate CSV Files: FBDI templates include macros that transform your data into Comma-Separated Values (CSV) files.
  4. Create a ZIP File: Compress the generated CSV files into a single ZIP file for easy upload.
  5. Import into Fusion Financials: Navigate to the FBDI import area within Fusion Financials and upload your ZIP file. Carefully review any errors or warnings before final submission.

Best Practices

  • Plan Ahead: Thoroughly understand the structure of the FBDI template and any specific requirements before you begin populating it.
  • Map Your Data: Carefully map your source data to the corresponding fields in the FBDI template to ensure smooth data transfer.
  • Validate Thoroughly: Take advantage of the template’s validation features. Double-check your data for accuracy and consistency before import.
  • Test in Stages: Before importing large datasets, start with a small sample of data to test the import process and identify any potential issues.


Oracle Fusion Financials FBDI templates provide a robust and efficient mechanism for importing financial data. Mastering their use can save significant time, reduce errors, and ensure a seamless flow of information into your financial system.

You can find more information about Oracle Fusion Cloud application in this Oracle Docs Link



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