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Oracle Fusion Financials Receivables is a module within the Oracle Fusion Applications suite. It is an integrated suite of business applications designed to help organizations manage various aspects of their operations, including finance, human resources, procurement, supply chain, and more. Oracle Fusion Financials Receivables focuses explicitly on addressing the processes related to accounts receivable and revenue recognition.

Key features and functionalities of Oracle Fusion Financials Receivables include:

  1. Invoice Management: This module allows you to create and manage customer invoices, including the ability to generate invoices based on sales orders or contracts, define invoice formats, and automate invoice delivery through various channels.
  2. Revenue Recognition: Oracle Fusion Financials Receivables helps manage revenue recognition processes, ensuring compliance with accounting standards such as ASC 606 and IFRS 15. It enables you to recognize revenue appropriately over time or at a specific point, considering various factors like performance obligations and contract terms.
  3. Collections Management: This feature assists in managing collections and optimizing cash flow. It provides tools to monitor overdue accounts, generate letters, and track collection activities.
  4. Credit Management: You can define and enforce credit policies, perform credit evaluations for customers, and set credit limits to mitigate risks associated with extending credit.
  5. Cash Application: Automates applying incoming payments to outstanding invoices, reducing manual effort and errors.
  6. Dunning and Collections: You can create and manage dunning letters (reminder letters for overdue payments) and strategies to streamline the collections process.
  7. Customer Portal: Provides a self-service portal for customers to view invoices, make payments, and manage their accounts.
  8. Reporting and Analytics: Offer pre-built reports and analytics to provide insights into accounts receivable, collections, revenue recognition, and other financial metrics.
  9. Integration: Oracle Fusion Financials Receivables can be integrated with other modules within Oracle Fusion Financials and external systems to facilitate seamless data flow and process automation.

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You can find more information about Oracle Fusion Cloud application in this Oracle Docs Link



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