Oracle Fusion HCM Material


Oracle Fusion HCM Material

Oracle provides a wide range of educational resources and materials for Oracle Fusion HCM to help users understand and effectively use the system. These materials are designed to cater to various learning preferences, including written documentation, video tutorials, online courses, and more. Here are some types of materials you can explore:


  1. Oracle Documentation: Oracle’s official documentation provides comprehensive guides, user manuals, implementation guides, and technical documentation for Oracle Fusion HCM. You can find detailed information about various modules, features, and processes. The documentation is available on Oracle’s website and is regularly updated.
  2. Oracle Learning Subscriptions: Oracle offers paid learning subscriptions that provide access to a wide range of training materials, including online courses, videos, hands-on labs, and assessments. These subscriptions cover different aspects of Oracle Fusion HCM and allow you to learn at your own pace.
  3. Video Tutorials: Oracle’s YouTube channel and other online platforms host video tutorials that cover specific features and tasks within Oracle Fusion HCM. These videos can be helpful for visual learners.
  4. Oracle University: Oracle University offers instructor-led training and certification programs for Oracle Fusion HCM. These programs provide a structured learning experience with hands-on exercises and guidance from experienced instructors.
  5. Community Forums: Oracle’s community forums and discussion boards can be valuable resources for getting answers to specific questions, sharing experiences, and learning from other users’ insights.
  6. Blogs and Articles: Oracle experts and industry professionals often publish blogs and articles that provide tips, best practices, and insights related to Oracle Fusion HCM.
  7. Webinars and Events: Oracle occasionally hosts webinars, workshops, and events focused on Oracle Fusion HCM. These events can provide updates on new features and functionalities and offer opportunities for interaction and learning.
  8. User Groups: Joining user groups or communities related to Oracle Fusion HCM can provide access to networking opportunities, shared experiences, and additional learning resources.

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